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OMG, THAT was so great!!!

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Talk about irony

I had just finished wathing RAB 17 and then I see this one just appeared wile I was contemplating when the next epesode would come out.

talk about extra funny!

I just HAD to log in and review this one!

I won't spoil it for those who havn't seen it, but that use of the chameleon ability was just too good to pass up.

Axelent work!

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That's all I have to say, although I do have a couple questions:

1. Where did you get all the music for this game from. Most of the pieces sound like incomplete segments and I want to find the whole pieces.

2. How do you use the third optin for the "Private part massacre?"

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Geneticeye responds:

1, go to flashkit.com look for "music loops"
2, turn the babe

It's good but...

The audio doesn't quite fit the game. I myself would have gone for something by Dr. Waldo if you wanted a VG remix.

The game itself though is very unique. Add a few more power ups and it could be a bit better. also the power ups could appear a lil more frequently.

Graphics and gameplay were awsome!

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Repetedly adicting

Althought the objective is a bit repetetive, with every level there's something new that keeps me adicted.

The graphics are also very well made/copied (i don't know which) and would be only further improved by backround music.

you might want to look in Newgrounds audio portal. they have a vast selection of music. =)

mfennell responds:

All graphics are custom made by me, though its not too hard to whack a blur on a line shape ;)
I've embedded the sound into the game now, the game normally streams the sound from an external file, but on NG I was only able to upload a single file... so a little delay in adding it.

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It's good

My one question, WHERE ARE THE COOL BELL SOUNDS! or something to substitute them.
Great remix though! Hoping for an SLC or Ocean Whispers. I have both origional tracks if you need to listen to them.

Not exactly "Stolen," but pretty damn close

but you have obviously used the WHOLE track in this piece. all you did was rearrange a couple notes and extend the origional.

I have to ask...

What scene / situation is this piece from in the game?

DjViRuSnz responds:

Battery Park...the third or fourth stage in the game where the subway station with the hostages are

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